Sunday, July 12, 2009

Half Over? Or just begun?

A shot of our new building, the Tilsner, shot from across the street

Ana during intermission at Kooza

For more about Kooza, check here

Picture I took after a long walk with Ana...check out that full moon

Ana with Grandma on the 4th of July

From the Elvis Costello concert at Taste. Awesome.

Ana at Costello concert

Farmer's nice to have in your backyard...who needs a garden?

June trip to the gardens near Lake Harriet

Anniversary trip to Red Wing

During our trip thru the countryside to enjoy Pizza on the Farm, I made Joel pull over so I could take this shot of a country church...beautiful

One of our regular stops now along the way to Red Wing is's Joel enjoying the popcorn stand...small towns--I still love them

I thought I'd share a few summer photos...the more recent shots starting at the top.

How did we reach the mid-point of summer? It's mid-point in my book when the Fourth is past and my daughter has celebrated another birthday. And, the baseball season is half over!

It is going way to fast....and while I am enjoying the warm weather, longer days, and time off here and there...I would like these months to pass a little slower!

Our summer really started with our move into the Tilsner Artist Coop. We are loving our new place, still settling in and decorating. I think it will take the whole summer to feel truly settled.

We took a break from the moving to celebrate our second anniversary. We enjoyed another trip to Red Wing and this time included a trip to Pizza on the Farm just outside Stockholm, WI. Try's the best pizza!

We went straight from moving ourselves to moving my son, Cyrus. I'm done with moving!

Weekends I've been enjoying trips to the Farmer's Market, gardening in the spot outside our building and lots of time in the studio. This summer Cirque du Soleil set up their tents atop the parking lot directly across the street from our building. It was quite incredible watching the tents go up (watch time-lapse video of it here). Even more incredible was the actual show. Ana and I went to a performace as part of her 25th birthday celebration. (Yup, Ana is 25!)

And there's so much more I want to do this summer ... definitely more ballgames. We've gone to less than 10 Twins games and one Saints game...we'll be fixing that in the next few months. Maybe a road trip or two. The State Fair!!! This year for the first time I think I will be able to be on vacation during the whole fair! Wowza!

We still have a busy half to enjoy!