Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8th

I returned to work today after a week off...not a bad day...actually a fairly decent day. Late this afternoon, Joel called me and I answered my phone by saying, "How's the man I said "yes" to 2 years ago today?" Yup, today's the day we got engaged at the baseball game (that story here).

What was nice was that my husband remembered the day and wanted to do something to commemorate the day. We settled on a wonderful romantic dinner at Kincaid's, a St. Paul restaurant we've been meaning to check out. My review--great for a special dinner. And if you go early--between 5-6 pm--you can get a fabulous 3-course dinner for $25.

And just let me say, I'm still tickled pink that I said "yes" two years ago today.