Monday, November 19, 2007


The entrance to Macy's (or Dayton's, as I still call it) 8th Floor Holiday display.

This year's display is the Nutcracker story.

Joel with his daughter, Bree.

I'll be busy the next few days with Thanksgiving preparations, but I was told I need to post a new blog entry. So I thought I would throw up some pics from our trip to the "Dayton's" 8th floor display. (For those who do not know the history, Dayton's initiated the tradition of the 8th floor holiday display in their downtown Mpls store some 45 years ago. Wisely, Macy's has decided to continue the tradition.)

Joel and I took his daughter to the display on November 10th, just a day after it opened. Most people don't realize it opens so early...but that's really the time to go--the crowds are so much smaller.

It was a wonderful show. I'll be going again this year--it's a tradition that my daughter still indulges me in.

The show is also a great way to ignite a little holiday spirit. We followed our two trips through the Nutcracker with a trip to the 4th floor to check out the holiday decorations. All the Santas got me excited about bringing out my Santa display (which I did this past Saturday...more on that later)

I'm looking forward to Joel and mine first holiday season together in our home. I love decorating and cooking for the I'll be sure to share some of that fun in the weeks to come.

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