Sunday, November 4, 2007


It's quite hard to get decent pictures of a black cat. Friday night I seized this opportunity. Squeakers climbed onto a pile of white tissue paper lying on the table. He seemed to like it there and I think he may have even thought that I had made a bed for him to lie on.

Squeakers has been in the family for 10+ years. He joined the family when Ana begged that we "save" this stray (we already had one cat and it has since become part of the story that he wasn't that much of a stray). He was given his name because of the squeaky noise he sometimes makes when you pick him up.

He has never really been a lap cat, but he's grown more affectionate with age (and now sometimes lays in my lap). He's become quite pampered in his old age; receiving special canned cat food each morn before anyone dares do anything else (or risk listening to his constant meows) and getting his water from a dripping bathtub faucet (turned on just so he can get fresh water).

It's a cat's life...meow.

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Melanie said...

Cats are funny huh?!?!?!?! All Milo is doing today is Meowing and Meowing and on and on and on.....You'd think I never pay any attention to him and my dad believes that I don't.....he is just an extremely meowy cat!!!! - who DOES get a lot of attention. I think Squeakers is adorable!!!!!