Saturday, January 19, 2008

In the Deep Freeze

It's colder than...well, it's frickin' cold. Minus 14 degrees when I got up at 8 this morning. And it ain't supposed to warm up much. This will be a 3-day weekend in the deep freeze.

We're going out to get some groceries, but other than that we'll be staying in. Joel has enough movies for us to watch till next January.

To warm up the kitchen, I made peanut butter cookies (with dark chocolate m&m's). They've got peanut butter in them--breakfast, right? I'm thinking of roasting a turkey in my new turkey roaster bought on clearance at Target for $7.50 (originally $60!).

And thankfully, our studio is always warm so I can probably brave the block-long walk to the studio to do some painting.

Maybe it will be 3 days of bliss.


Melanie said...

You didn't answer your tx.....why???? Was trying to see if you wanted to come to the Children's Museum with Micki and I and the crew.....I know...tons of fun for someone who doesn't have little kids...but I thought maybe you would want to see Micki....We'll have to do it again if you are interested....

See you tomorrow.


Stacy said...

hey did you hear that bird chirping? It's a REAL bird!

Melanie said...

UMMMM.... blog already!!!!

curlz1205 said...

Ms. Umm...this coming from the person who went a full week recently between posts...if you were truly watching my blogging activity you would have noticed there were 3 posts in 4 posts in 4 days on my baseball blog. (Hint: note the link on this blog!)