Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am "on vacation". It's not so much a vacation as a break from my regular "9 to 5" job. Originally Joel & I planned a short 2 day trip to Chicago, but we decided to shelve that plan till there's warmer weather (and baseballs flying). Now we're staying put at home and I'm scheduled to get a couple of teeth pulled (again) on Thursday. My son has been sick with a wicked cold, so I've been playing nurse as well. (Sounds like a vacation to me)

Still I'm looking for a little fun. I really wanted to spend lots of time at my art studio this week painting. I've been doing some of that, but feel like I need to venture out for some creative inspiration. I think I know what is ailing me.


It feels too cold to be out traipsing around, but I'm tired of sitting home because of cold weather. I'm tired of white and gray. I'm tired of temps that never get above freezing.

So in the next few days, I'm going to be thinking warm thoughts, imaging bright, vivid colors. These pics from this past summer might help.

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Stacy said...

love the summer photos! hope all is well. sorry for the work related text msgs today... pot roast.