Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ana's move

My daughter's move went quite well...exhausting, but now done. And everyone who helped her told her that she CANNOT move for at least two years. I'm hoping she will love this place. I love this place. It's an upper duplex in south Mpls...where the boulevards are lined with mature trees and gardens are blooming everywhere. Dogs abound in backyards and kids still play in the neighborhood parks. The house...has a 3-season front porch with windows on all 3 sides, a side deck, the original (I'm guessing) tin ceiling (in excellent condition), wood floors throughout, and plenty of space.

This move was largely a family affair. A few friends of Adam and Ana's helped out (mostly Mary, who is like an adopted daughter), but besides that it was myself, Cyrus and for a bit his girlfriend, Katie (since she's just getting to know the family we didn't push her into heavy lifting detail). Since I was the senior member of the moving faction, I paced myself accordingly. And truly, a big part of my job was providing a level head and nourishment. Saturday included typical moving food: sloppy joes.

I hate moving, but truth be told, I enjoy being part of my kid's lives in this way. I am happy that they want me to be there to see their new place. I still get a certain sense of satisfaction in cooking for them (it's especially enjoyable cooking for loved ones who request their favorites and make you feel loved for doing it).

(For those of you who have been complaining, I will have pictures to post shortly. Patience, it will happen soon)

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