Monday, October 22, 2007

Date Night

Why do weekends go so quickly? Monday mornings come too soon. I'm horrible at getting out of bed on Monday mornings (and it doesn't help when I can't fall asleep till 1 a.m.) Thank god I now have a job where I don't have to be at work at some ungodly hour (no more rushing in to do payroll on Monday morning!). I sort of get to slide into the work week...and that is a good thing.

The weekend was kicked off with Date Night on Friday. Friday night is our time together as a couple--usually going out to do something. Even though we're married now and spend every day together, I think we still need special time together. Time when we are enjoying time as a couple and not planning/doing chores, meals, or other domestic stuff.

This week we went out for a special dinner to the Signature Cafe. It's a very small, intimate restaurant located in a residential part of Prospect Park. The restaurant is housed in a former neighborhood grocery store. I stayed somewhat true to my diet (more on that later) and had the salmon. Joel enjoyed the pot roast...which I sampled. It was awesome--melt in your mouth-awesome. Stacy, you would love this pot roast!

Following dinner, we wandered around. We drove over to the St. Anthony area and checked out a small bookstore. Eventually we finished the night off with a trip to Izzy's for ice cream. Again, I was very good and stayed with the sorbet. I had an izzy of chocolate water ice (very dark and intense flavor) with a scoop of pomegranate sorbet. Joel obliged me with a taste or two of his banana ice cream. It stirred dreams of a hot fudge sundae.

It was a very sweet evening spent with my honey.

Saturday brought out the sun, which was a welcome sight. Saturday we did a bunch of chores. Sunday I did spend some time in the studio--which feels very good. I'm determined to stay committed to studio time. My goal is to be a participant in the spring art crawl. And then in the afternoon, I spent some time running around with my son, followed by some of my own running around--including a trip to an art store. Yay!

So all in all, it was a good weekend. I just want more of it!

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