Thursday, October 25, 2007

Georgia O'Keefe exhibit

Joel met me after work tonight and we headed to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to see the special Georgia O'Keefe exhibit. Two of my favorites in combo: The Institute of Arts and O'Keefe.

It was a small, but incredible exhibit. It was amazing to see so many (about 42) Georgia O'Keefe paintings at one time. I love looking at her work: her use of colors and shapes. This particular exhibit zeroes in on O'Keefe's focus on abstraction and in particular, the circular form. This included some of her flower paintings (such as the one in above) and pelvic bones pieces. In some respects, I don't care what her subject matter was, I marvel at her use of color and tone. But I stood in awe before paintings that I've seen pictured in book after book. On one hand, I was amazed that most were smaller in size than I imagined. I think her work is so huge to me, that I always imagine her work to be gigantic in size. Many are quite small actually. And on the other hand, I was struck by how powerful (and beautiful) her work still is. Pieces I've always admired were more striking in person than I could even imagine.

Needless to say, I enjoyed the exhibit and will be back before it's gone. It's there until January get there if you can.

I also seized the opportunity to become an MIA member (something I've always wanted to do). It seemed like the perfect time, since the membership came with tickets to the O'Keefe exhibit, plus an O'Keefe exhibit poster and MIA canvas bag.

On a side note, we made it home in time to catch James Taylor sing the National Anthem before tonight's World Series game (in Boston, Taylor's home town). Now I am quite biased, but I thought he did an exceptional job. He made the song his own, instead of trying to do it like every other person has done it. He kept it within his range and made it sort of folksy (which James Taylor does ever so well). Hey, if I could set up a link to his rendition, I would, but you'll just have to take my word for it. It was great.
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