Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Art Crawl prep

My working space at the studio

One of my favorite new works

Very busy week here. I am preparing to open my art studio for the St. Paul Art Crawl this coming weekend. (For more details about the crawl, check this out.) Sunday and Monday I painted the walls of the entryway to the studio. I definitely prefer painting canvases over walls. Painting walls is so much harder on your body and definitely not as good for this soul. Still it was nice to finish that project. Since Joel & I live in an apartment, our daily living space is all white or off-white walls. I hate that. Painting the studio was my opportunity to put some vivid color up on the walls. And since it was the studio, I picked more intense, get-my-creative juices-flowing colors...shades of bluish-purple and fuchsia. I love spending time in my artist-cave (my version of the "man-cave").

Now that the walls are all painted, I can focus on getting the artwork up on the walls and making everything neat and tidy.

You're welcome to stop by and take a look. I'll be taking pics to share later, but I would love to see family and friends walk through the door.

See you then!


claudia said...

Risa, I'm going to try to get over after work on Friday unless it is a downpour. I'll be walking from the office. I may be there before 6:00; hope that is okay. Can't wait to see!

The Tritabaugh's said...

Risa, your favorite work is very nice! i really like the way it looks. hmmmmmm, maybe we should order a landscape size one in browns & tans. That is very nice!

Gardagami said...

See Please Here