Monday, April 28, 2008

St Paul Art crawl a success!

Despite the uncooperative weather, I had a great weekend having my studio open for the art crawl. I know "the numbers" were down compared to some other years, but I thought traffic flow was respectable. Some of the weekend highlights:

  • My friends and family who came by the studio. Thank you for coming!
  • Both my kids insisting that I not sell the paintings I created when they were young. I guess they will be their inheritance one day. (No worries--no paintings sold, but I wasn't expecting that)
  • One woman who told me she came to my building because she liked the image of my work that was printed in the catalogue. Also the thank you from the woman who appreciated my artist statement. It's nice when you put yourself out there and people notice (favorably).
  • All of the wonderful conversations I had with different folks. It was encouraging and energizing.
  • The thrill of selling the cards I made (featuring prints of my artwork) and my candle holders. It was nice that they were so well received.
  • And last, but not least, the incredible support of my husband--who helped me set up and sat with me all those hours at the crawl. Thank you.

I'm glad I did the crawl and I look forward to participating in the fall crawl--the second weekend in October. Hope to see you there!


Melanie said...

next time I WILL be there! Seemed life....aka Morgan got in the way this time....I really to see your studio....I want to see you in you element!!! I want you to paint me a picture.....I want a lot I guess.......

claudia said...

Fantastic! I definitely want to make my way there some Friday night after work when it's nice, walking weather!