Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mystery solved

This map reflects the number of salmonella stpaul cases nationwide. I am one of the "Minnesota 2"

I had a long conversation with the Department of Health last night. It seems my case is a part of the big "Salmonella saintpaul" outbreak that has been on the news nationwide. (The "saintpaul" part is just what they named this particular strain of salmonella, it has nothing to do with location.)

It seems there have been a number of Minnesota cases recently, all coming from a Roseville restaurant that I ate at on June 16th (not Cafe Latte like I thought!). It seems to be coming from tainted tomatoes...or at least some sort of produce we ("the infected" ones) all had in our meals. I knew I should have had that tuna melt like Joel did (he did not get sick)!

So mystery solved. I never want to have that nasty little bug again. And while I will continue eating out, I think this summer I'll be taking a pass on any dishes with raw tomatoes.

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