Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend mix

Another busy weekend--juggling time with kids, time with husband, and even some time for myself. (To see what I've been up to during "me time" check out my art blog--you'll learn more about this painting "Force of Nature". )

Joel's been taking care of his daughter more this past week, because her mother has been out of town. In fact, we spent a few nights apart, so he could take care of Bree at her place (which means he was staying overnight at his ex's house, which is a little strange...but makes more sense in the long run). Friday night Joel came home for several hours so we could go out to dinner and then spend some time together.

Saturday afternoon Joel brought Bree here for the remainder of the weekend (Bree normally stays with us from Saturday afternoon till Monday afternoon). Noel was here to watch Bree on Saturday afternoon, so we went out to catch a movie.

This is the summer of the action-adventure, and more often than not, action-adventure based on a comic book hero. That works for some folks (including my husband). But I was wiped and wanted something slower paced. And preferably a small theater not crammed with people.

We found a great movie at Edina's Landmark Theaters. We saw "The Visitor"...small, independent film that I hadn't heard of, but got great reviews. Well-deserved, I would add. It was just a nice quiet film, that told a story well. Check it out if you get the chance.

Tomorrow--back to work. I wish the weekend didn't go by so fast.

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Stacy said...

the painting is beautiful and powerful Risa and so appropriately named! It's a self portrait no? Even though I miss ya, I sure don't want to see you on monday ... unless you want to play hookey and meet at Anodynes that is!