Monday, August 11, 2008

Date Night on Monday

Joel and I generally have "Date Night" on Friday. It's something we stuck to once we were living together and not "dating" any longer. Sometimes we don't do all that much, but it's a night reserved for the two of us.

Tonight, quite spontaneously, we found ourselves in the middle of what felt like a Date Night.

After work I wanted to head to a bookstore and before that, we grabbed dinner. The weather is wonderful tonight...a cool breeze providing welcome relief from summer heat.

We normally drive past Como Zoo on our way home and initially decided to stop to take a walk. Then I had the idea of playing miniature golf.

We got started on the course just before a HUGE group walked up. This was the first time Joel and I have played miniature golf. Joel took an early lead, then I pulled ahead by the 9th hole. But a few shots later, I was again falling behind.

In the end, Joel was the winner...although, I want a re-match.

We wrapped the evening up with a stop at Izzy's for ice cream.

Now that's what I call Date Night.

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MysteriousMindy said...

Sounds like fun...yay for romance!