Saturday, August 23, 2008

State Fair Trip #1

It was a good first day at the Fair...a little warm and humid, but the breeze helped keep things from being unbearable. We got to the fairgrounds around 10 am and stayed till 6:30 pm--over 8 hours at the fair! We were exhausted when we got home!

We enjoyed some of our favorite treats--pork chops on a stick, malts from the Empire Commons bldg (frequently referred to as the "Dairy Bldg"), shaved ice, mini donuts and of course, a foot long corn dog. I'm looking forward to my next trip to enjoy some treats I skipped the first day.

We made the full circle of the grounds, probably more than once. We made quick trips through the Fine Arts, Creative Activities, Horticulture and Education buildings...planning to return for longer visits when the weather is a little cooler. Somehow Joel convinced me to ride on the Sky Glider again this left me a little queasy at the beginning, but you do get great pictures from up there (which I will be uploading soon).

The International Bazaar has been rebuilt...and looked awesome. The Twins tent moved to a better location...close to the International Bazaar and next to the FSN North tent.

Even though I'm fighting a cold, we're planning Trip #2 for tomorrow. We'll be taking my mom and Joel's daughter along with us. This won't be a 8 hour trip, but it should be a great day nonetheless.

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