Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A blast from the past...

This morning on my way in to work I enjoyed singing along to an old Paul Simon song "You Can Call me Al". Yesterday it was Paul Simon's "Fifty Ways to Leave a Lover". Some time ago, when I was still working at the Y, me and another person started singing the chorus to that song...and the younger crowd were a bit dumbfounded. Paul Simon has a knack for writing nearly nonsensical lyrics to little ditties that you will remember for years. And they more often than not bring a smile to your lips.

So, as I was listening to the song this morning, I remembered how much I loved the video to this song. Paul Simon, along with Chevy Chase--who sings as if he's Paul Simon. It's a very, very simple video, but Chevy Chase makes it funny. Simon keeps a straight face...until the end, where he cracks a smile.

So thanks to Youtube, I'm bringing you this video.

Hope it brings a smile to your day. Sit back with a diet coke, if you have one, and enjoy.

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NoelCT said...

I've heard that song many many times over the years, but never once had I seen the video. Thanks for that. It was glorious.