Sunday, November 16, 2008


All right, I know I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. Not exactly, really, since I've written a few posts on my art blog.

Part of it is that I'm sick of the gray. The gray that has been our sky for the past few weeks. Whenever there has been any sun, it's been gone by the time I get home...because then it's dark. Weather-wise, this is my least favorite season.

But on the other hand, the next 6 weeks or so is one of my favorite seasons...the holiday season.

I've been busy working on holiday crafts. Much of my free time of late has been spent over at my workshop, um, I mean studio. There at one table I'm working on a few new paintings. Then, when I need a break from painting (or something needs to dry), I flip to another table where I'm working on holiday crafts.

I'm working on several sets of holiday ornaments...the kind I've been making for years with tissue paper and modpodge. I love modpodge. And tissue paper. My hope is to have these featured in my Etsy shop soon.

Have you seen my Etsy shop yet? It's been slow going. I've had 2 sales. Only one sale shows because I sold a necklace to my sister-in-law (thanks Claudia) off of Etsy. When I'm not working the 9-5 gig or at the studio, I'm sitting in my recliner beading. I have new necklaces I'm getting ready to list on Etsy. Take a look, please. I don't really care if you buy anything, but if you stop by "heart"'s a mood lifter. Think about checking out some of the Esty could lead to some holiday shopping right at home!

So that's it for now. I'll let you know when the new items are up on Etsy.

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