Saturday, November 1, 2008


A shot of the hills near where we were staying

The red rock canyons are incredible

The variety of vegetation surprised me...there were trees with leaves changing colors. This shot was taken by a creek near Montezuma's Castle.

Montezuma's Castle...mistakenly named Montezuma's Castle because white discoverers assumed it had been built by Aztec Indians (it was built by a much smaller tribe). I don't know how they managed to build this...or live was a straight climb up these rocks to their homes in the rocks---and they were not close to the ground!

Another shot by Montezuma Castle...the sky was so blue!

Another rock formation...don't ask me the name!

A few shots of the red rocks at sunrise. Truly amazing!

A few shots of where we were staying. I loved all the adobe homes.


So I've returned from Sedona. It was beautiful...highs in the 80's, no humidity (resulting in good hair days), no clouds, beautiful red rock canyons, lots of art and bead stores...a little bit of heaven.
I'll share the pics for now...details later.

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The Tritabaugh's said...

Beautiful pictures. Can't wait to hear about your trip!