Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, Monday

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It's been sort of a wild, crazy Monday. So far. The good part of the day was waking up, checking my Etsy shop (a morning ritual that I take part in every morning over oatmeal) and discovering that my Etsy shop is being featured on another Etsian's blog. How cool is that? I'm hoping it will bring some viewers to my shop, but if you have a minute, please wander over to this blog and then visit dragonfly's store. She features practical, but stylish baby items. Her blog site is:

I plan to be promoting some other Etsy artists over on my site from time to time, so please check that out as well.

So I blissfully head off to work and when I get there discover a gruesome site within 5 feet of my desk. A mouse had been caught (and killed) in a rat trap, which created a bloodbath. Fortunately the trap had flipped over, but it created an ugly scene nonetheless. I found someone who removed the mouse, but the mess... No, I did not clean that up...but hid it by the strategic placement of a large garbage can. (Thank you Susan for doing that nasty job).

You may ask why my work is using rat traps. I work in a very old building that was once a convent. It's a beautiful building, but old and the little critters find there way in...even up to the 4th floor where my desk is. A few folks thought they saw a rat, not just a mouse...hence, the rat trap. I refuse to believe that there is a rat in our building. I can barely deal with mice.

After that it's been a crazy day of running around. I'm hoping for a peaceful evening at home.

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