Friday, August 31, 2007

Dental woes

Today is the start of a long weekend for me...long for maybe the wrong reasons. This morning I have a dentist appointment...I'm having a tooth pulled (dentists like to say extracted, but I think pulled sums it up best). Anyone who knows me knows that I have a HUGE dentist phobia. Unfortunately, I also have bad teeth.

The really pissy part of this whole thing is this past January I faced my fears and had 6 teeth pulled! It actually went much better than I ever imagined...but the key in all that was that I was completely knocked out. I woke up with no recollection of what had occurred.

Drugs can be a wonderful thing.

They were supposed to pull then any tooth that was not worth saving. So I'm a bit miffed that now I have to face another extraction. It doesn't boost my faith in dentists. And I will be awake this time. Yes, I'm getting novocaine and laughing gas, but...

Why is it called laughing gas? I don't think I'll be laughing.

But I have to get this done (this tooth has been killing me for the past month) will be o.k., right?

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NoelCT said...

Well, I laughed like a crazy idiot when they pulled two of mine. Or maybe it was a dream. Can't be sure since they finally knocked me out for causing too much of a ruckus.