Saturday, August 18, 2007

Work pics

Kermit sings and entertains whenever called upon, which is often.
He really does sing and rippet when certain body parts are pressed (not those body parts...geez, his belly and feet and hands or whatever those frog extremities are called.)
Kermit also enjoys McDonald's vanilla iced coffees.
He is planning to make guest blog appearances from time to time.

Looking for a pot to piss in?

What can I say?

How often are you going to see this outside your office building? Several bathrooms have been torn out to make room for the elevator.

The new desks being put together.

A few of the new desks put together and starting to form a pod.

The table posing as a desk that 4 of us shared at the beginning of the week. Kermit is there to provide comfort and entertainment.

Since I've been talking about the construction at work all week, I thought I would share a few photos. It's a work in progress, with a lot of progess still in the works. I'll share more photos as the finished project speeds, I mean, lurches ahead.


Stacy said...

i'll have to steal your desk photo! hope monday brings less chaos. i have 3 in a row in the a.m. ... take care!

Melanie said...

Is the the Kermy pic I took on your phone or a different one?

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I spy Stacy's pink Caribou travel mug.