Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Quiet Passing

Joel & I with Jerry & Dee at our wedding

Just a brief update...

Joel's father, Jerry, died yesterday afternoon. Fortunately, Joel & I was there, alongside Joel's mom, Dee. As hard as it was to say good-bye, it was comforting to know we could be there to hold his hand. Jerry passed away quietly, without pain, while we sat next to him.

I have learned a great deal about Joel's mom and dad these past few days as we've sat at the hospital passing time telling stories. Jerry and Dee were married 55 plus years. Together they raised Joel (and had one other son that died as an infant). Both Jerry and Dee worked; Jerry working most of his years with Glenwood-Englewood Water Company. In his later years, Jerry worked caning chairs--and teaching others how to do it ("caning" is the chair weaving you see on the backs and seats of some is not easy to do). Jerry was still caning chairs this summer. Jerry and Dee also enjoyed travelling--not just in the United States, but overseas as well. They had a love for adventure. They also had a great love for one another.

Jerry was 85 years old. I think he lived a good life and that Jerry and Dee had a good marriage.

That is something to strive for.

(See post Lessons in Living below. Also check out my baseball blog to read a post that Joel wrote about his dad-- )


Stacy said...

Dear Risa... I hope you take care of yourself as you take care of your new family through this hard time. My love to you and Joel.

The Tritabaugh's said...

Risa, we are so sorry to hear about Joel's dad. Please take care and know that Brian & I are thinking of you and your new family.