Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

The busy part of Christmas is past and now I get to sit back and relax. I tried to upload some pics to my blog, but blogger is not having it. Later.

Saturday Joel & I went to a Tritabaugh family holiday gathering at my sister's Nancy's house. Half my siblings were there and about half my nephews and nieces (as well as my great-nephews & nieces). Everyone brought food and my sister made chilli and oyster stew. A strange combination, but another Tritabaugh family tradition nonetheless.

From the party, we brought my mom home with us--we got grandma for Thanksgiving and Christmas! The next 24 hours were spent finishing holiday shopping. The crappy weather didn't make things any easier, but it got done. When my final package arrived on Monday morning, I was good to go!

The first part of Monday was spent baking (the traditional Christmas shortbread), cooking dinner (calico beans and chicken tortilla soup...another odd combination perhaps, but it's all about fixing "favorites"), cleaning, wrapping presents and such stuff. Cyrus came over on Sunday evening. Ana and Adam were planning to come over in the evening, when we would kick off the family festivities.

Ana and Adam arrived just after 7 pm and after everyone finished eating, we dove right into opening presents. Santa was very good this year. Joel got me a Neshek jersey, along with tickets to Twinsfest. (I got Joel a classic Killebrew shirt, a favorite player of his).

Following the opening of presents, we played a great marble/board game--Aggravation. My grandfather made me the board when I was a kid. I grew up playing the game, my kids grew up playing the game... It's not that often that I get to play it with both my kids, but they're both willing to play it when we're together. It was a classic game...full of twists and turns and Cyrus came out the winner.

Late this morning we enjoyed a big brunch before Ana and Adam had to take off to spend the rest of the holiday with Adam's family. I was just fine with not having to prepare a huge holiday meal. I'm still recovering from the Thanksgiving prep.

So it's a quiet ending to the holiday for me...which seems like a perfect ending to such a busy season.

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The Tritabaugh's said...

Sounds like all of you had a great time! Brian & I want to know how you got lucky enough to have mom for Thanksgiving and Christmas?!?! We miss everyone, especially around the holidays. Have the happiest of New Year's!