Saturday, December 1, 2007

A few of my favorite holiday things...

Borrowing a page from Mindy's blog, here are a few of my favorite holiday/winter things...

1. The first snow...throwing the season's first snowball, watching dogs play in it, and maybe even being snowed in (and unable to make it to work!)
2. Setting up my Santa collection
3. Decorating the christmas tree...taking out the ornaments that have special history--like the vintage ornaments from my childhood, the bread dough ones I made with my kids when they were young, and definitely the ones that came from our mystery santa years ago
4. the smell of real Christmas trees
5. Going to the "Dayton's" 8th floor display multiple times, at least once with my daughter (and now for the second year, with Joel & Bree)
6. Baking/decorating holiday cookies/ my ginger shortbread that makes the house smell so good
7. Secret Santa at work (which I love to's next week...let the games begin!)
8. The period rooms at the Mpls Institute of Arts decorated for the holidays
9. coming in from the cold and soaking in a hot bath
10. warm wool sweaters
11. curling up next to my honey to watch a movie
12. escaping to a bed and breakfast (with a whirlpool in the room)
13. snuggling under the covers on a cold morning
14. 2 weeks off from work (yea, Southside!)
15. making Christmas crafts & gifts
16. soup and fresh baked bread (think Panerra Bread!)
17. celebrating my birthday
18. getting Christmas cards in the mail
19. walking through Mears Park with all the Christmas lights
20. and of course, opening Christmas presents with family

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