Saturday, December 8, 2007

Surrounded by friends and love

Wednesday was my birthday. It was an awesome day surrounded by friendship and love.

As I laid in bed sleeping in the morning I noticed that the neighbors were cooking bacon or sausage (their kitchen is next to our bedroom). Wrong. Joel brought me breakfast in bed, complete with flowers (he also sent me flowers at work on Monday). The morning was filled with phone calls, text messages and such from friends and my kids wishing me a happy birthday (the calls continued throughout the day).

Joel drove me to work (I went in late). We had our team meeting at 11. Several of my teammates brought gifts and treats for my birthday. It was a fun day and it felt good being at work with people who are also good friends and helped make my birthday a celebration.

Joel and I had a quiet evening (I'm fighting a cold and not feeling 100%). Eventually we went out to Cafe Latte for of my favorite places. Joel and I are celebrating my birthday and 6 month anniversay with a trip to the b & b we honeymooned at in Red Wing. We'll be leaving on Sunday and return Tuesday. I can't wait to soak in that hot tub.

So, yup, I turned 47. I don't care much about the number. This has been an incredible year for me...with the biggest change in my life being getting married. It doesn't matter how "old" I am, I like where I am. Life is good.


Stacy said...

yeah Risa ... way to keep believing and making life better and better for yourself. I hope you enjoy(ed) your B&B time. It's cold a hottub sounds nice

The Tritabaugh's said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Have a great time!