Monday, March 3, 2008


It's been a long day. I'm never really fond of Mondays and I start the work week by being on "coverage" Monday morning. That basically means I need to be at work to cover any emergencies or in some cases, just be an extra set of hands/eyes, whatever...usually there aren't any issues, but I need to be there just in case. It's not a big deal, but it's not my favorite way to start the week either.

My goal this week, first and foremost, is to feel better physically. I was still feeling pretty cruddy this weekend and it seems like the antibiotics are slow in working. Today was the first day I did not need to take pain relievers at the beginning of the day...thank god, the pain relievers have been playing havoc with my gut (plus the constant achy pain in my mouth was making me crabby).

It was an intense and emotionally challenging day at work. Because of confidentiality, I can't really write about the specifics...but one of our families is going through more tragedy than any family should have to bear. It makes no sense...and I'm at a loss in regards as to how to understand it. I guess some life events never really make sense. I do know that it's important to savor every day we've got on this earth...and even the mundane stuff is worth treasuring.

But on another front...

Today I was determined to follow through on pursuing another goal. It's been hard to keep the weight off this winter...actually this past year. I can really tell that my metabolism is slowing down as I get older (I guess that makes sense...everything is slowing down). I've tried to "diet" on my own, but it's not been working. Even being sick these last few weeks I haven't taken any weight off. So today I did what I knew I needed to do, what has worked in the past...I joined Weight Watchers.

5 years ago I joined Weight Watchers and lost around 30 pounds. I kept that weight off for over 3 years, but the last 1-2 years that's been harder. Yes, I want to lose the weight so I look good. Like everyone else trying to lose weight, I have those skinny jeans I want to fit in. But I also want to lose the weight to improve my health. I'm a Type II diabetic, have arthritis and other aches and pains...and the extra weight doesn't help. It's time to take some action.

It's not rocket science...I need to eat less. Especially less chocolate and other treats. Weight Watchers teaches you all the basics, but what I really get from the plan is the pat on the back when I do well and the gentle kick in the pants when I could be doing better.

So I went to my "first" meeting tonight. I don't like the weight I'm starting at (no, I'm not going to reveal what I weigh), but I'm not planning to stay there for long.


MysteriousMindy said...

You Go Girl! Let me know if you need some support...maybe I could join you...I'll have to think about it.

Melanie said...

Congrats!!! That's awesome....hopefully you will be my inspiration....