Monday, March 10, 2008

Random James Taylor blog

Driving into work today I heard a newly recorded version of James Taylor's Fire and Rain (sorry I didn't catch the artist). It's not all that different than James' recording, in fact, in my humble opinion, not as I wonder why they just don't re-release the old version...but I guess that's not how it works in the music biz. On the positive side, I guess there's a bunch of young folks that will hear the song (great lyrics...for those who don't know the song was written by James when he learned that one of his friends had died...either a suicide or accidental OD. JT was in London at the time recording at Apple studios--alongside the Beatles)

So anyways, listening to the song stirred some random thoughts (like those above) that I thought I'd share....

James Taylor in promo shot for Fire and Rain, 1970

I realize that Fire and Rain was recorded over 35 years ago. Last night Joel & I watched part of a JT concert on public television (that my daughter alerted me to). As JT sung You've Got a Friend Joel commented that he doubted JT imagined he'd be singing those songs for so many years. Nope, probably not, since in the early years he was a heroin addict.

I also realize that most adults my kids ages (early twenties) don't really know James Taylor or his songs. Yikes, I'm getting old! (for the record I was tuned into JT at an early age by my oldest bro. Thanks Phil!). But my kids know JT! Ana will call me if there is something JT related on tv. Cy's middle name is Taylor (yup, for that reason). Music can be one of those fun things you share with your kids.

Another random JT note: Last night Ana asked me how many times I have seen JT in concert. Three. Should have been four, but there was that night in 1987 when her dad didn't come home to watch her and her bro so I could go to a JT concert. That's the night I stopped being his doormat! So you see, lots of James Taylor woven into the fabric of my life.

O.K. one more random JT note: James Taylor turns 60 on Wednesday, March 12. Happy Birthday, James! (Yikes, JT is an AARP member!)

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NoelCT said...

"I also realize that most adults my kids ages (early twenties) don't really know James Taylor or his songs."

Oh, I know his songs. Dad's certainly played them enough over the years. His style just never really clicked with me. Now, being 26, I know many people will dismiss this as a generational thing, but when TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS, PINK FLOYD, THE SWEET, and CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL are among my favorite bands, I stress that my tastes are based on style, not age.