Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Great Day for a Pinic

The cake--triple chocolate and triple good (from Turtle Bread Company)

Barb and John

Joel enjoying time with his childhood friends

The newest Tritabaugh--Scarlett

Southside friends

Y Misfit friends

Saturday we had beautiful weather for our picnic--our last wedding celebration with family and friends. Since we had such a small, intimate wedding we wanted to do something to celebrate with a wider circle of family and friends.

The picnic was it. The picnic pavillion (Hidden Falls) was wonderful--private with lots of picnic tables, shelter, and lots of grassy space surrounding it (it was also very near the river). We were blessed with perfect weather...which seemed to be the perfect trade-off for less-than-perfect weather on the wedding day.

I did a horrible job taking pictures...too busy running around taking care of food. Again, not one pic of just Joel and I (can anyone help me out?).

Thanks everyone for coming and enjoying the day with us!

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