Monday, September 3, 2007

One final trip to the fair

Today Joel and I celebrated our 3-month anniversary by making one more trip to the State Fair. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've gone to the Fair on the final day--Labor Day. It was my fourth trip this year. Hey, Joel went six times (he went one day to get some baseball autographs and another day with his daughter). We had Bree along today as well.

So in 4 trips to the fair, I consumed--

3 porkchops & 1 chicken breast (all on a stick)
4 malts (1 chocolate and 3 blackberry, my new favorite)
2 corndogs
1 bag of mini-donuts
2 shaved ice
1 scone with fruit
1 chocolate cream puff
1 gelato
1 cashew nut roll
slice of pizza
frozen mocha on a stick
1 order of french fries (shared with Joel)
lots of diet coke
Kashi cereal (they had a travelling exhibit at the start of the fair)
and I'm sure plenty of bites of some other things Joel tried (like corn on the cob, yum!)

I also walked countless miles, observed lots of strange fair outfits, took a ride on the Skyway swing (never again), and was on t.v. during FSN's Twins postgame show (broadcast from the fair). It's probably a good thing the Fair only happens once a year, but I can't wait till it's back...and I'll be there for Opening Day 2008.

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