Saturday, September 29, 2007

Perchance to dream...

O.k. I've been struggling for months now trying to figure out just what sort of bedding to get for our bedroom. I really want to have something new...not something old that Joel or I had previously.

Part of me is a "shabby chic" kind of girl...I love older stuff, and being a sentimental fool I have collected a variety of "hand-me-down" pieces of furniture and other treasures...Joel has the same modpodge collection, so shabby chic fits what Joel and I have.

But I also like things with a bit of spunk...and I started going with a teal/brown color scheme in our bathrooms. Months ago when I created a Target registry (more for the fun of doing it than anything else), I put this bedding on the registry (you also get a 10% discount coupon to use in purchasing anything on your registry). (It comes with a matching bedskirt and pillow shams...) I thought it was modern, edgy, yet serene, and not frilly in any way.

So I've been flipping back and forth. Shabby chic or trendy?

As the weather has gotten colder, the idea of curling up underneath something more like a quilt has become more appealing. So Thursday night we bought a quilt coverlet--floral print (peonies!)--definitely creates a homey feel...but damn it, I can't get this comforter out of my mind.

So I have a decision to make...stay with what I have now or return the quilt and get this comforter instead?

Do you notice how good it looks with my blog motif?



Stacy said...

i like the comforter. i agree with the serene feel ... I think it looks very relaxing and feng shui. My vote: serene comforter. Lucy votes that you sleep in your bed at night and keep your hands off her stuff!

Melanie said...

I like the one in the pic!!!!!