Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Let's go team!

#350. Hmmm. I can respect 350 wins by Clemons. But not on our time. We gave Thomas his 500th homerun. Yay! Rah Rah! But enough! Let the opposing teams earn their milestones against some other team. Granted, it gives us a little bit more attention on Baseball Tonight, but for all the wrong reasons.

And now: Boof. Boof, I love ya. I love the fact that you legally changed your name to Boof. I love how you pitch the first 5 innings of the game. But what happens in the 6th? The game runs 9 innings, so asking you to pitch through 6 or 7 isn't asking for much.

And Rincon. What's up? Last year I stayed nice and relaxed when you came into the game. Now I get tense wondering how many runs you might give up.

And to all the hitters: Let's start swinging the bats. Make the Yankees bring out their relievers! Get some men on base and bring them home! Show those Yankees up!

Silva, this is not the time to falter. Pitch like you have your last two outings. Show them your stuff! I think you have another complete game in ya!

Oops! I thought I was in my baseball blog. In case you don't know, the Twins are playing the evil Yankees. I get fired up about that. C'mon Twins, let's kick some ass!


John Thom said...

Angels fans are still grateful to you Minnesotans that you let Rod Carew go way back when and that we got him. Pretty good hitter. Thanks.

Curlz said...

John Thom: There was a wonderful article about Rod Carew in the Mpls StarTrib. Carew was a great player...the Twins were idiots to let him go, but what can you do. Check out my baseball blog!