Monday, July 16, 2007

More family photos

I'll admit I was on a bit of a mission to get family photos at this get-together. Part of it was the joy of having a new toy (the camera) to play with. Digital cameras offer immediate gratification. But a bigger part of it was wanting to seize the opportunity with so many family members together to record and preserve memories of the day.

I wanted to record the pictures for my mother. I had a small memory card with my new camera and I recorded the pics on this memory card. Now that I have the pics saved, I can give the memory card to my mom--and she can enjoy the pics in her digital frame. And someday, I hope these photos are ones that my mom's great-grandchildren will enjoy and be able to show their children.

Time passes so quickly. Children grow up and become parents themselves. More than once on Sunday, I enjoyed seeing one of my nephews or nieces in the role as parent...and I thought back to when they were the child...

When did I become part of the older generation?

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