Sunday, July 8, 2007


Note: I have finally figured out,I think, how to upload pics from our new digital camera. Due to this minor miracle, I am able to bring you pictures from our recent roadtrip. Hopefully the process will go quicker & smoother in the future.

Joel & I headed out of town for our 1-month honeymoon trip (we're thinking of celebrating each month with a mini-honeymoon). It felt so good to be heading out of town. Our destination: Mazomanie, Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin. Some say Home to the Badgers. I say Home to Culvers. Joel found another beautiful bed and breakfast for us to enjoy in a litle town just about 25 miles from Madison ( ).

We started our trip on Hwy 94, but by the time we reached Eau Claire we decided to ditch the major highway in favor of the more scenic route that led us through the rolling hills of the Wisconsin countryside. We basked in the aroma of fresh cut hay along with the stank of freshly laid cowpies. Since we were in no hurry, we made frequent roadside stops to take in the sights and stretch our legs when we felt so inclined. We even found a Rocky Rococo pizza joint in LaCrosse!

We arrived in Mazomanie in late afternoon. Walking Iron, the bed & breakfast we stayed at, was lovely--and we had the place to ourselves for two nights! The house was built in 1865. Our room--"Clara's Veranda"--included a whirlpool tub, king-sized bed (yes!) and it's own doorway to the wraparound veranda. We spent much of the first evening just relaxing on the veranda--playing cards while listening to the bubbling waters of the backyard fountain and enjoying the dancing fireflies. I have to say I slept good that night!

On Thursday, we decided to venture out and enjoy the sights. There are several interesting things to do in the surrounding area...including attending a play at the outdoor theatre, touring the nearby Frank Lloyd Wright residence, and touring "The House on the Rock". We checked out the theatre and the FLW tour, but decided to save them for another time. We did decide to check out the House on the Rock.

It's a very interesting place. In a nutshell, this "artist" (also a pretty rich man who was well-supported by his family) decided to build this house on a rock--which in and of itself is an interesting structure (check out the top picture). He also started collecting various things (or buying various collections from others). We spent at least 4 hours going through the house and viewing the various collections. Some of it was bizarre. It definitely was interesting. The collection included a large dollhouse exhibit, various antiques, miniature circus displays... What I enjoyed the most was the huge carousel and all the various musical calliopes. Believe me, I cannot describe the place (but I'm including a few pics; check it out )

After a beautiful drive through the countryside with more random stops, we returned to our room. We enjoyed a delightful meal at the Mazomanie's local drive-in and then more vegging on the veranda, followed by another good night of sleep.

Friday morning we indulged in another delightful breakfast made by the innkeepers. Following breakfast, we prepared for our departure. Again, we decided to take the scenic route--most of the trip following the river along Hwy 61 (on both the MN & WI side). The trip home included another stop at Culvers, a few scenic overlook stops, aw well as stops in Stockholm, WI and Red Wing, MN.

All in all, it was a great trip. The best part by far was spending time together as a couple--away from all the hassles and demands of daily life. I can't wait for our 2 month anniversary.

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Stacy said...

looks like fun! i miss you here. for your 2 month anniversary you could make a pot roast and have friends over for dinner. just an idea