Sunday, May 20, 2007

2 weeks and counting...

The wedding is 2 weeks from today! It amazes me that time has flown so quickly and the wedding day will be here in the blink of an eye. There are moments when I can forget about everything that needs to be done and just find joy in the fact that soon I will be a married woman.

We are having a very simple, small wedding. It will be an intimate gathering of about 20 people for the ceremony and the brunch that follows. We are holding everything at Forepaughs--which is an old victorian mansion in St. Paul. If it's a nice day (weather-wise) we will conduct the ceremony on the 2nd floor terrace and then move to the adjoining room for the brunch. If it's rainy, we'll have the ceremony in a room on the lower floor. Please, pray for some sun (or at least no rain) that day.

I'm not sure how people plan BIG weddings. Although our wedding is small, there's still plenty of details to take care of. Generally, my head is filled with a running list of things to do, things to shop for... Big stuff has been taken care of--we have a venue (Forepaughs), we have an officiant, I have a wedding dress (as of last Friday) and Joel has a suit (as of this Friday). Now there are the smaller details to take care for me, a shirt for Joel, clothes for my kids, flowers, wedding favors...

Although our wedding is small, we are still planning to have a larger celebration later in the summer so we can celebrate with our wider circle of family and friends. We haven't quite figured out a date or venue for that, but I hope we can figure that out soon. We are thinking of having a large picnic...something casual, fun where people can come & go and just have a good time. Sometimes I feel "bad" that I'm not able to invite more people to our wedding ceremony...I've waited a long time for this day and I want to share the day with lots of family and friends. I'm thinking the picnic celebration will be that day.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Risa!
Wow! You're taking the big plunge!
Good luck with all your plans- remember- I manage Richfield Flowers and Events if you still need flowers!
Marilyn (Schroden) Weis