Thursday, May 31, 2007

Take me out to the ball game...

Unwinding by watching Baseball Tonight...just showed the top "Web Gems" of May...I just love the game. Yesterday Joel & I went to the game, along with my friend, Julie & her daughter, Hannah. We had a group of school kids behind us that were very enthusiastic fans. One young girl was quite a Torii Hunter fan...screaming at an incredible decibel every time Torii came to bat. I was most impressed with the young boy who was obviously a baseball fan...he knew his stuff.

Anyways, we won the game...with a walk-off walk. The Twins were behind most of the game and to win like that...we'll take it. We'll take the sweep.

The ball game was followed by a shopping trip--Hannah, Julie, & myself. I found shoes! I was exhausted when I got home and couldn't sleep again. Today I went out myself...and was thrilled when I finally found a shawl that I liked that was on clearance. Also found jewelry to wear. So the only thing I need to pick up now is the bride & groom cake topper. I don't necessarily want something traditional...and yet I do.

Had one of those "frazzled bride" moments when I left the shopping mall today...couldn't find my car (I was driving the Hour not really my own vehicle). I was really starting to freak...but did find it over a few rows from where I thought I had parked it.

Tonight I'm going to crash...tomorrow is Girls' Pamper Day...going to have manicures with Julie, Hannah, and Ana. Looking forward to it.

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