Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Writing the wedding vows

It's late. Joel went to bed hours ago. It seems the cold that he got over a week ago may have turned into a sinus infection. He took some cold medicene and I think he may be comatose until the wedding.

I, however, cannot sleep. It's too late to do cleaning (for me anyways). And yet, with the wedding less than a week away, it seems like there's so much to do and I can't just sit and watch t.v.

Maybe this would be a good time to write the wedding vows?

Joel and I are planning a simple ceremony. I want something that is special and unique to us. Sometimes I envision a ceremony that is very light hearted, short and sweet. Other times the romantic part of me wants something more sentimental and emotional. Some people are betting I might cry (I just teared up). But I also hate being in front of a crowd, so factor in all the anxiety I'm experiencing around that. (It doesn't help that I'm marrying a man with a background in theater that loves to be in front of an audience). Maybe I could have an actress read my part? I guess that's not an option.

We are working with this local wedding site to plan our wedding. It's through them (www.budgetweddings.info) that we found the officiant--Reverend Maverick--who will perform our ceremony. (Reverend Maverick...makes the ceremony sound fun already). So "The Rev" sent us some guidelines to use in writing the ceremony. I also googled "wedding vows" and found a site that got me going in the right direction.

So tomorrow when I'm feeling fresh, I think I'll be able to write the vows. Something that is short and sweet and at times, light hearted. But something that is also, just as I am, sentimental and emotional.

And I don't care if I end up crying.


Stacy said...

vow writing is something you SO could have done at Southside! Maybe we could have the kids help you.

Melanie said...

hey risa can u call me.....when i had you call me so i'd havo your number i lost it...... stupid me breaking phones all the time and losing numbers....btw hard to type one handed holding morgan!!!!