Monday, May 28, 2007

Mother-son shopping

I went shopping with Cyrus today to buy his outfit for the wedding...or try to buy his outfit. Cyrus was open to only two color options for his shirt. White or black. Now I'm a big fan of color and don't normally think in only black/white terms. We trudged from one store to the next, also trying to look for shoes along the way. Complicating things, Cy is somewhat difficult to buy for because of his size--he's tall and very, very lean (virtually no waist and definitely no hips).

Finally at Sears (the last stop I think both of us could handle) we had some luck. We found a white shirt we could both agree on (it had some texture to it, so that made it more interesting to me). Cy tried it on and then we were looking at ties. As Cy is holding up ties (which he also narrowed to only those with diagonal stripes or solid colored...I was hoping he wouldn't look like a missionary for my wedding) Cy decided the white shirt was a no-go. Unreal. Thankfully, we quickly found a black shirt and an agreeable tie.

The good news is the black shirt and tie won't clash with his new lip ring.

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