Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Boring a.m. blog

I'm not fully awake...I'm trying to stay relaxed and in vacation mode. Normally I'd be out the door about now. Today (this whole week) I'm off and going to the Twins game at Noon! Yes! Hopefully we'll sweep the White Sox today...the punks.

I didn't get to sleep till 3 am Monday night...or Tuesday morning, depending on how you look at it. That made for a sluggish day yesterday. Last night I half-slept through the Twins game (on tv). It was a great win though.

I did manage to finish writing the vows though. I think it's good. It's a toss-up who will be more nervous that day--Joel or me. I think I should remember to bring kleenix.

O.k. I've got to get some diet coke in my system. I can't be creative or witty when I'm a quart short of diet coke.

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