Monday, June 11, 2007

The Honeymoon

We enjoyed our honeymoon in Red Wing, MN--home of Red Wing boots.

Pics from our room at Moondance Inn. Here's a shot of the "fainting couch".

The whirlpool, where we spent most of our time.

Oh ya, we spent some time here.

Proof that we left the room. Here I am on the front porch.

Joel on the front porch.

Joel and I enjoyed our honeymoon in Red Wing, MN--we wanted to go somewhere not too far away, where we could take it easy and relax. We enjoyed the drive on Highway 61, cruising through Minnesota countryside. Travelling through farmland reminds me of my childhood. When we first got to Red Wing we made our first stop at probably the nicest antique store I've ever been to--Memory Makers. Located on Main Street, it was very well organized and had great stuff.

We found the perfect bed & breakfast in Moondance Inn. (Check them out at It was incredible. The home was built in 1874 and much of the original fixtures and woodwork are still in place. We decided to stay in the Queen's room--which was very romantic and filled with great light. Moondance has 5 rooms--but we had the place to ourselves the first night. We were able to see all the other rooms--all of them gorgeous--and also enjoy the common areas as if we were the only occupants. For one night we were. (On the second night we were joined by 3 other couples).

As much fun as it was to explore the house, we also enjoyed spending a lot of time by ourselves in our room. Hey, it was our honeymoon! We loved the whirlpool. It was a little bit like heaven sitting in the tub and letting the cool wind breeze through the windows and over our bodies. Yes, we did leave the room and explore Red Wing on a few occasions. We enjoyed the riverfront and more antique shopping.

Unfortunately, the good times had to come to an end. We headed back to the cities on Wednesday. Originally we had planned to made a side trip to Stockholm, WI after we left Moondance, but the pouring rain that day changed our plans. We did, however, enjoy a day trip to Stockholm this past Saturday--a beautiful, sunny day. It was a nice ending to our "honeymoon week".

I think there will be a lot of trips to B & B's in our future.

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now you need to blog about the proposal ... then how you met. Then you should blog about the first time you met Lucy and then ... ahhh I'll give you a list at the sauna errr I mean office.