Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Twins won a BIG game last a re-match of the '91 World Series the Twins beat the Atlanta Braves 7-3. Joel & I were in attendance, sitting in the Home Run Porch seats with way too many Braves fans around us (what's up with that?). Fortunately, we had the upper hand. There were some pretty sweet Torii scoring after stealing 3rd and a wild throw allowed him to take home as well, or Cuddy's throwing out speedy Harris at second base for his 14th assist (leading the majors), not too mention some outstanding defensive plays by Castillo that always get overlooked. Slowey also pitched a decent game for his second win.

Some days you just need a win. I wanted this win BAD. I just quit working for someone who is a huge Braves fan. Let me just say, it was not an easy work relationship (more on that topic soon). Even though I won't be able to "rub" this win in, it's still extremely satisfying knowing after all his bragging, this guy has to swallow a loss.

Oh beloved Twins, is it too much to ask for a SWEEP?


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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I KNOW!!! I was so happy to be watching the game last night (from my sofa.) It felt like we had control from the very beginning. There were no struggles, no errors and no silent bats. GO TWINS!