Thursday, June 28, 2007

Free tickets

Free tickets are not always free. They may start out that way, but life somehow gets in the way.

Last night Joel and I travelled down to the Twins game--not arriving quite as early as usual (I like to soak up the atmosphere and get my Twins' vibe on...o.k. I know, I always have my Twins' vibe on). Anyways, we found our super deal $4 parking space and got out of the car to head over to the dome. As we're walking from the car, I noticed that the car seemed to still be humming. I looked at Joel and posed the question, "You have the keys, right?"

Well, you all know the answer to that one. Not a big problem, at least it wouldn't have been if I had brought along my set of keys as I normally do. Nope, last night I had decided to lighten my load so I could handle the weight of our new digital camera. That extra 4 ounces was sure to weigh me down.

It gets better. After surveying the situation and making a brief attempt to get a rusty hanger through the edge of the window, we decided the best move was to call AAA. I pull out my trusty cell phone, which is nearing the end of its 2-year contract and of course, acting like it's on its way out. I attempt to place the call and get the "No Network coverage" message.

Not a big problem, at least it wouldn't have been if Joel had brought along his cell phone as he normally does. Nope, last night Joel had decided to lighten his load so he could bring that 20 oz. of mountain dew. So off Joel tread to HCMC to place the call to AAA.

I watched the trek of Twins' fans to the dome. Damn, free tickets and I was going to miss the beginning of the game. And they were good tickets. $29 a pop. $58 for the pair.

Joel returned with the news that someone would be out by 7:15 (the game started at 7:10). O.K. that's not so bad...and actually they arrived by 7 p.m. In less than 5 minutes our car door was popped open. To a tune of about $58.

I missed the introduction of the players and T.C. Bear wiggling his behind on the four wheeler as he's waiting for the players to come running out on the field. I love that stuff, but I got my weekly fix the night before. Midway through the first inning we made our way to our seats in a sold-out section (Sec 117, just past the first base line).

By this time I'm over the whole "free part" of these tickets. In fact, I have to say, these are the worst seats I've been in all season. The seats are close to the field, but at a horrible angle. The dome was, after all, built as a football stadium. To make matters worse, a rather hefty gentleman is sitting next to me and is encroaching about a quarter into my seat. I am having a hard time getting my Twins' vibe going.

In the end, Joel and I decide to relocate to the other side of the stadium--in the half-empty seats of the Home Run porch section. We joyfully had the row to ourselves. Here, I was able to get my Twin's vibe going full-swing.

The Twins' weren't swinging. Somehow we lost a game where the other team had 4 errors. Pitiful. But the loss seemed to be fitting for how the evening started. Still I got to enjoy the evening with my honey watching the great game of baseball. Nothing wrong with that.
(Note: After coming home from the game, Joel showed me the lovely piece he wrote for our baseball blog--about meeting me. You'll see why I fell in love with him. It's not just about baseball! He's a romantic too!!!

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