Monday, June 25, 2007


Once upon a time I adopted a dog named Niko. My son, nephew, and I made a trip to a shelter and rescued him from the kennel he had lived in for 4 months. He was full of spirit and lots of love. Like his owner (me), he had a love for chocolate. Fortunately, he also had a strong tolerance for chocolate...because dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate. One day my son called to tell me that Niko had gotten sick...and that it was making him sick (so of course, the mess was left for me!) Niko had eaten one of my bras! He survived that without even a visit to the vet...probably because he somehow managed to discard the underwires before ingesting the rest of it. Yes, Niko was a spirited pup, but also full of love. Niko could make me melt with just one look from those soulful eyes. I'll admit, most nights he slept beside me. If I was home, he was by my side. I loved him something fierce.
But then about 16 months ago I had to move and couldn't take Niko with me. It was just one of those hard decisions where finding a home for my family had to take priority. But it did tear me apart. I managed to find a loving home for him--by placing a flyer at the Y. Occasionally I would see his new owner and hear how he was doing. I missed him more than I thought I could miss a dog. I just think that, like people, a pet can come into your life and have a special connection with you. Niko was that pet for me. I did know that he had a good home and found some solace in that knowledge. But truthfully there is still a special place in my heart for Niko.
Tonight I got a call from Niko's "new" owners. They are likely moving to California and will likely be living in an apartment that will not allow keeping Niko a possibility. They wanted to check with me first to see if my situation has changed to enable me to re-adopt Niko.
I wish it was so. While dogs are allowed in our building, they are supposed to be small dogs. It's not about the space in the apartment, it's about the lack of proper space outdoors for a dog of Niko's size and breed to run and stretch.
So, if anyone out there is looking for a GREAT dog, I think Niko will be needing a new home. He is almost 4 years old now (a great age), has been neutered and is microchipped. He will make your heart melt. He did mine.

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Rhea said...

Wow, giving up a pet is so hard. It's a shame you can't take Niko back.